Set of 6 Candles - Storm

Set of 6 Candles - Storm

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Tempête Rouge et Verte, the new reference for Roman candles, in sets of 6. Caliber 16 mm, a length of 40 cm, and almost 60 grams of active ingredient. The 10 red and green comets will transform the night into a magical show for about fifteen seconds. Article subject to decree 2021-1704: you will be asked for an identity document by SMS for any order of this product.


10-Shot Roman Candles: A Trendy Fireworks Show

This set of 6 Roman candles 10 shots, Red and Green Storm from the brand Ardi is the new trend in pyrotechnic shows. By setting fire to each of these 6 candles with a length of 40 cm, you will dazzle the night with a real red and green storm. Each candle with a diameter of 20 millimetres explodes, creating a beam of light like a comet and then transforms into a red or green ball of light. By choosing this kit, you're going to offer viewers about fifteen seconds of incredibly fast visuals.

Versatile use and impressive effects

You will appreciate the propulsion speed of each light ball and the drag effect left behind. The main characteristic of these Roman candles is their high intensity in the starting speed with a powerful noise that will amaze the spectators. This makes them perfect as a prelude to announcing, for example, another round of green and red lights or to serve as a transition between two different fireworks styles. This set of 6 Roman candles can also be used in conjunction with a compact car, such as the Bahamas Glitter, during a show or individually for a special occasion. This means that you can light the candles one by one, for example at a village festival or a bonfire on St. John's Day, by placing them on a predetermined route.

Introduction to pyrotechnics and colour symbolism

Easy to carry and light, these 6 Red and Green Storm Roman candles are also perfect for beginners in the art of pyrotechnics and familiarizing yourself with the world of rockets. You will have 6 opportunities to perfect your art of fireworks shooting for a very affordable price. The red and green colors are finally strong in symbolism since a red rocket can be launched to declare your love to your loved one and a green candle can be used to signify hope and joy in relation to a particular situation. So don't hesitate to treat yourself and others with this set of 6 exceptional Roman candles. And to make some noise, a few boxes of cheap firecrackers will delight young and old alike.

The Benefits of Roman Candles

Roman candles offer many advantages, such as ease of use and transport, as well as a visually impressive spectacle. Thanks to their compact size, they are ideal for small events and special occasions. In addition, Roman candles are available in a variety of colors and effects, allowing you to customize your fireworks show to suit your preferences and the theme of your event. They are also a great option for those who want to get started with pyrotechnics, as they offer a safe and affordable experience to learn the basics of fireworks shooting.


For orders in France, you may be required to provide proof of identity for the purchase of this product. All the information here. If you do not agree, please do not order this product.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
50 to 70 grams
Package of
6 pieces
Sales Register
19/20 mm

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