Fireworks - Punk 96

Fireworks - Punk 96

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Buy cheap fireworks: Look no further. The compact Punk 96 with red and green comet aerial effects and sound effects will easily fit into all your outdoor night parties. The compact Punk 96 projects the show at a height of more than 8 meters for 20 seconds.


Compact Punk 96 Fireworks: A Dazzling Show

The Compact Punk 96, with its vibrant colors and underground style, transforms every evening into an unforgettable event. This fireworks display, skillfully blending red and green, offers a dazzling tableau in the night sky, perfect for sporting celebrations and festive evenings. Pair it with the Bouquet Rouge Passion Fireworks for an even richer and more intense pyrotechnic performance.

Used alone or in combination with other fireworks, the Compact Punk 96 is ideal for all types of events, whether private, sporting or professional. Its 70s-inspired design adds a touch of originality to your show, ensuring a memorable moment for all participants.

  • Multicolor Effects: A mesmerizing spectacle with shades of red and green.
  • Adaptability: Perfect for various types of events, from sportsmen to entrepreneurs.
  • Ease of Use: Designed to be easy to use, increasing pleasure without complexity.

To conclude, the Compact Punk 96 offers an intense and dynamic show of colors, ideal for brightening up your events. Its unique style and vibrant colors make it a perfect choice for creating a festive atmosphere.

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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
from 70 to 100 grams
Sales Register
10/11 mm
80/100 hits

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