Little Big Tony Fireworks

Little Big Tony Fireworks

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The Little Big Tony Compact is a compact fireworks display that will bring a touch of wonder to your special evenings. With its 96 multicolored balls that light up the sky for 40 seconds, it will captivate your guests. Easy to handle and offering stunning effects, it is ideal for creating a festive and magical atmosphere. Don't miss the opportunity to experience an unforgettable moment with the Little Big Tony Compact!


Compact Little Big Tony

To end your birthday, christening and wedding evenings in style, there is nothing better than compact fireworks. pyragric's Little Big Tony is a good example of this. It will amaze your guests with these multicolored stars that will bewitch the sky.

An artifice to light up the sky

For an unforgettable evening full of good memories, the compact Little Big Tony is the fireworks display for you ! It will light up the sky with comets of all colors... It's impossible to miss this surprising spectacle even from a distance. It is perfect for marking the occasion and the spirits of your guests. Thanks to this compact fireworks display, you will discover a world full of magic worthy of the greatest fairy tales.

A moment to share with family and/or friends

Little Big Tony is going to bluff everyone. Thanks to its incredible effects, happiness will crackle in the eyes of young and old alike. All attention, even those of the neighborhood, will be drawn to your event. No one will be able to take their eyes off this marvel that has taken over the sky. A real moment of poetry to be experienced with family or friends!


  • Dimensions: 6.5 x ø 12 cm
  • Number of moves: 96
  • Powder weight: 0.048 kg

A sound finale

You haven't reached the end of your surprises. Little Big Tony has in store for you at the end of the momentum, a final sound bouquet that will delight everyone! It's the last thing that will stick in people's minds – it has to be wonderful and perfect. Your outdoor party will be popular with the crowds, it will simply be impetuous and grandiose. Little Big Tony takes you on a journey through visual and sound panoramas for a new and unique show. Chills and goosebumps guaranteed! Complete your show with an original firework, the Apollo Mission rockets.

Data sheet

Active Ingredient
40 to 50 grams
Sales Register
7/9 mm
The Tiger
80/100 hits

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