Sachet de 9 Fusées Gromm

Bag of 9 Gromm Rockets

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Explore the skies with the LORDS OF FIRE - GORMM rockets, an assortment of 9 dazzling rockets with calibers ranging from 35 to 45 mm. Each pack contains mega green, red, red and silver stars, and a flash bolt, all ready to light up your celebrations in style. These large-caliber rockets are a must-see for fireworks connoisseurs.

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LORDS OF FIRE Rockets - Gromm

LORDS OF FIRE - GROMM rockets are the ultimate choice for fireworks enthusiasts looking for a celestial spectacle of exceptional power and beauty. These high-quality rockets are a majestic addition to any nightly celebration.

This pack includes an assortment of 9 rockets with a variety of calibers ranging from 35 to 45 mm, ensuring grandiose and varied effects. With: - 3 Mega Green Stars, - 2 Mega Red Stars, - 3 Red and Silver Stars, and - 1 Powerful Flash Flash, each rocket is designed to capture attention and dazzle viewers.

  • Brightness and Variety: A mix of bright colours and effects for a wide range of visual performance.
  • Impressive Calibers: Large-caliber rockets for spectacular effects and a majestic ascent.
  • Advantageous Packing: Available in packs of 10 bags of 9 rockets, ideal for dealers or large events.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Each rocket measures 33 x 105 cm, ensuring easy handling and storage.
  • Easy Identification: With the 3502251543048 gencod and the P154304 reference, product tracking is simplified for distributors and consumers.
  • Sales Registration: These items are subject to a sales register, ensuring traceability and compliance with safety standards.
  • High Altitude Performance: Designed to soar into the sky and explode into a luminous art painting.
  • Responsible Use: Intended for an adult and informed audience, these rockets must be handled with care and expertise.

The "LORDS OF FIRE - GROMM" collection is the promise of an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience. These rockets are ideal for elevating the mood of your evening to a spectacular level. Order now and make sure your next event is marked by a stunning light signature. Between the Olympic Games, football competitions and weddings, you will have plenty of time to use your pyrotechnic flares. And don't forget your French Mix Supporter pack for sporting occasions.

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Active Ingredient
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9 pieces
Sales Register
40/45 mm
The Tiger

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