Fusées Jet Boum Sifflantes

Whistling Boom Jet Rockets

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Set of 12 Jet Boom Rockets. A classic and timeless artifice that has been on the market for more than 50 years. Put the rocket in a tube, light the wick. The Jet Boum rocket takes off whistling more than 20 m above the ground and ends its course with an explosion. Fun and recreational, the bag of 12 Jet Boom rockets will give you moments full of laughter.

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12 Jet Boom Whistling Rockets: The Celestial Show You Can't Miss

Discover the unique charm of the 12 Jet Boom Whistling Rockets, the perfect attraction to illuminate your celebrations. These rockets, combining whistling and resounding explosions, create a spectacle worthy of the take-off of the Ariane rocket. Their unique sounds promise to amaze your guests and make every event special.

Ideal for recreating the magic of your childhood fireworks, these whistling rockets are perfect for occasions such as July 14th, birthdays, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, or even for evenings out with friends. Their ability to whistle through the sky before erupting in a brilliant detonation brings an element of surprise and wonder to every launch. They'll be perfect for heralding the start of your best fireworks display.

For an even more spectacular effect, combine the Jet Boom Rockets with the firecrackers from the Best Of pack, creating a combination of visual and sound effects that will delight all your guests. These cheap, easy-to-use and safe rockets guarantee a colorful show that will engrave unforgettable memories in everyone's mind.

  • Unique Visual and Sound Experience: A perfect mix of hisses and explosions.
  • Perfect for All Types of Events: Ideal for celebrations or special evenings.
  • Childhood Memories Revived: Bring back the magic of the fireworks of your youth.
  • Combine with Other Rockets: Create an even more captivating show with Cyclamen rockets.
  • Safe & Easy to Use: Complies with safety standards for risk-free enjoyment.
  • Dimensions: 31 x ø 1 cm

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Active Ingredient
2 to 4 grams
Package of
12 pieces
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7/9 mm
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