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Fun Mix - 47 artifices

€13.99 VAT included

Le Tigre - Fun Mix is an assortment of fireworks specifically designed for children, offering safe and affordable entertainment. It includes a variety of fun effects such as dragon tails, swirling suns, and flashing lights. Each item has been carefully selected for its safety and affordable price, providing an exciting experience for children. Buy the Fun Mix now on and give your children unforgettable moments of joy and wonder.

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Le Tigre - Fun Mix: A Burst of Joy at an Affordable Price

Presented by Pyragric, a renowned French company, Le Tigre - Fun Mix is a fireworks assortment specifically designed for children. It's a perfect opportunity to introduce kids to the excitement and pleasure of fireworks in a safe and controlled environment. However, please remember that adult supervision is essential when using this product. Laughter and fun are guaranteed with this fireworks set! For younger children, also consider Clac-Doigt firecrackers.

Composition of the affordable Fun Mix pack

Available at a very affordable price on the website, this Fun Mix pack includes:

  • A box of Dragon Fury - 10 cm Dragon Tail that produces a terrifying noise
  • A box of Tornad Djinn - Twirling Suns for spectacular effects
  • A box of Flash Maniac - Flashing light effect that will delight children
  • Two boxes of Crazy Cat - Whirling sparks with gold for illuminating the night
  • A box of Nitro Ball - Crackling balls for the little one's great pleasure
  • A box of Bob Eclair - Hilarious strobe effect for more fun
  • A box of Krak Pie - Mini fuses for maximum crackling

Each element of this assortment has been chosen for its amusement, safety, and affordable price. The Fun Mix offers an exciting learning experience for children to discover the joys of pyrotechnics without breaking the bank.

Buy the Fun Mix pack now on, the best website for your fireworks purchases, and give your children an unforgettable experience!

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