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Pétards - Demon King Size

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Demon King Size firecracker: pack of 6 powerful category F2 firecrackers, perfect for celebrations and special occasions. Follow the safety instructions for safe use.


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Démon King Size Firecrackers: pack of 6 powerful F2 category firecrackers

The must-have DÉMON® ARDI firecrackers

Démon King Size firecrackers from ARDI are the must-haves of the brand, recognized for their power and sound effects. With 1.8 grams of active material per firecracker, these powerful firecrackers will provide you with completely explosive sensations! This pack of 6 Démon King Size firecrackers is ideal for pyrotechnic enthusiasts looking for exceptional sound experiences.

Celebrations and special occasions

There will be no shortage of occasions to celebrate or have fun with an ARDI firecracker: National Day on July 14th, Saint-Jean, carnivals such as Mardi Gras, Chinese New Year, and many other festive events. The Démon King Size firecrackers will offer you an explosive and memorable experience with each use.

F2 category and safety

These powerful firecrackers are F2 category, which means they are intended for an informed audience and should be used with caution. It is recommended to respect a safety distance of 8 meters between the explosion site and people present. Make sure you are of legal age and follow the instructions on the firecracker packaging to ensure safe use.

Technical characteristics of Démon King Size firecrackers

The Démon King Size firecrackers have a caliber of 14 mm, which gives them impressive power. Each pack contains 6 firecrackers, allowing you to fully enjoy these explosives during your celebrations and special events.

Safety instructions for Démon King Size firecrackers

Follow the instructions carefully on the package of Démon King Size firecrackers. All firecrackers offered for sale on our site comply with CE standards. Respect a safety distance of 8 meters between the explosion site and you, and avoid using firecrackers near inflammable materials. Make sure you are of legal age to use these powerful firecrackers and handle them with care.

Data sheet

Catégorie :
Matière active :
1,8 gramme
Paquet de :
6 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
7,5 cm

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