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Maxi Pétarade - Demon 400 coups

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The Maxi Pétarade DÉMON® is a chain of 400 powerful fireworks of category F3, offering an explosive and spectacular experience for celebrations and special events.

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Maxi Pétarade DÉMON®: The chain of 400 powerful fireworks of F3 category

The essential DÉMON® ARDI fireworks

The Maxi Pétarade DÉMON® by ARDI is a must-have in our catalogue and not to be missed. With its power and sound effects, the Maxi Pétarade DÉMON® 400 will make you detonate! Imagine 400 fireworks exploding successively at lightning speed, needing only one fuse to be lit! A real madness!

Explosive and spectacular experience

With a caliber of 7 mm and 56 grams of active material, the Maxi Pétarade DÉMON® offers you an explosive and spectacular experience. Ideal for pyrotechnic enthusiasts looking for impressive sound and visual effects during celebrations or special events.

F3 category and safety

This chain of powerful fireworks is of F3 category, which means it is intended for an informed public and must be used with caution. It is recommended to respect a safety distance of 25 meters between the explosion site and the people present. Make sure you are of legal age and follow the instructions on the fireworks packaging to ensure safe use.

Technical characteristics of Maxi Pétarade DÉMON®

The Maxi Pétarade DÉMON® is composed of 400 powerful fireworks chained together, allowing you to enjoy an impressive pyrotechnic display during your celebrations and special events. Each firework is connected to a single fuse, making lighting and staging your fireworks easy.

Safety instructions for Maxi Pétarade DÉMON®

Follow the instructions on the packaging of the Maxi Pétarade DÉMON® carefully. All fireworks offered for sale on our site comply with CE standards. Respect a safety distance of 25 meters between the explosion site and you, and avoid using fireworks near flammable materials. Make sure you are of legal age to use these powerful fireworks and handle them with care.

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