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6 Parachute Rockets

6 Parachute Rockets

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The Parachute Crocus rockets provide an unforgettable pyrotechnic spectacle for any celebration. These rockets ascend into the air before exploding into stars and deploying a parachute, creating a captivating visual effect. They add a touch of sparkle and magic to your special events. You can combine them with other fireworks to create an even more impressive display. Please note that these rockets are subject to regulations and may require identification for purchase.

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6 Parachute Rockets Pyragric - Unforgettable Pyrotechnic Show

Create a magical spectacle with the Parachute Rockets Crocus Pyragric. Whether it's a family event, a birthday, or a gathering with friends, these rockets add an extraordinary dimension to any celebration. Since their inception in China, fireworks have been a symbol of festivities and delight.

Bring your event to life with Crocus Parachute Rockets

Add a touch of brilliance to your party with the Crocus Parachute Rockets from Pyragric. These rockets, measuring 28 cm in length, produce a stunning orange comet effect, rising up to 25 meters before exploding into green stars and deploying their parachutes. A dazzling spectacle that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

A memorable evening with Pyragric rockets

With the Crocus Parachute Rockets Pyragric, your event will be etched in the memories of all your guests. For an even more complete show, consider combining these rockets with the New Salvation compact firework. These rockets bring magic and enchantment to your pyrotechnic display.

Purchasing information for Crocus Parachute Rockets

The Crocus Parachute Rockets are classified under F3 and require registration for purchase. An identification document may be required when purchasing this product. For more information on the sale of pyrotechnic articles, please refer to our information page: Information on the sale of pyrotechnic products.

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