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Bombardier rocket pack

Bombardier rocket pack

31069 - Bombardier
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Discover our range of pyrotechnic products to liven up all your parties and celebrations. Whether you're organizing a wedding, birthday party, or private event, our fireworks, rockets, and firecrackers guarantee you a breathtaking show. Take advantage of our discounted prices and the quality of our products to light up your evening safely.


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Bombardier rocket pack

Make your parties and festive events lively and unforgettable with a pyrotechnic show that combines detonations, dazzling lights, and a shower of stars. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion (birthday, wedding, baptism, or other) or simply gathering with friends and family for a friendly moment, proposing a firework animation to start or end your evening will make it a remarkable and noticed moment for all, young and old. For a successful and colorful firework display, the Bombardier rocket pack is a must-have.

Assorted rockets for a multi-effect show

In this set of 19 rockets, the Ardi brand has combined different colors (silver, red, white, green, yellow, multicolor...) and calibers (20, 25, and 35 mm) of fireworks for a guaranteed multi-effect show. It is composed of Bombardier, Cross Fire, Rocket Sparks, and Space Machine rockets. A rocket launcher and two ignition sticks are included in this set, ensuring that rocket launches and ignitions are done safely. The fireworks rise high in the starry sky to dispense their magical light. A moment of pure happiness, filled with magic, to offer and indulge yourself in without hesitation with this set prepared by the Ardi brand.

An unforgettable sound and light show

Your guests will have their eyes fixed on the sky to contemplate the multicolored or silver luminous stars, the flashing sprays, the white and silver glitter accompanied by powerful sound effects that you have reserved for them by concocting your firework display. Both young and old will be in awe of all the colors and praise your skills as a pyrotechnician. Make your evening an unforgettable moment with a sound and light show that comes close to a professional spectacle. The Bombardier rockets accompany you in all your events, perfectly complement your firework display, and guarantee you a resounding success with your guests. Enhance your show by adding the Space Machine rocket pack.

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