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Pétard E4 - LE TIGRE , le paquet de 10 pétards

firecrackers - Le Tigre E4

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With the Le Tigre E4 firecracker at a low price, galvanize all your events and surprise your guests every time. Le Tigre E4 is a fast burning firecracker designed by Pyragric, creator of the Le tigre brand, for noisy summer evenings. Your neighbours may not like it. Add this wick firecracker to your fireworks list for festive moments.

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Firecracker Le Tigre E4

The best original Le Tigre E4 firecrackers for a fun outdoor activity. The arrival of the summer season is the best time to meet your loved ones and enjoy the mild temperatures by organizing outdoor activities. For maximum entertainment, nothing beats simple and noisy leisure activities like blowing up firecrackers in your garden. A playful, friendly, fun hobby that will get your adrenaline pumping and will please young and old alike.

Among the many products available for sale on our website, find this pack of firecrackers Le Tigre E4 for happy, festive, and breathtaking moments. If you are a private individual, it is an essential part of your firecracker and fireworks collection.

Individual and very easy to use firecrackers with wick The firecrackers with wick are very easy to use: place the firecrackers on the floor, use a flame to light the end of the wick, then distance yourself while waiting for the final "boom". The size of Le Tigre E4 firecrackers is rather discreet, but the denotation remains nevertheless surprising and can be heard very well from a distance.

By choosing these firecrackers, you have fun all day long, for a more than affordable price. In addition, having a package of several individual firecrackers allows all your guests to enjoy it and try lighting firecrackers Le Tigre E4. In addition, you can repeat the action as many times as you have firecrackers, for an even more explosive party until the end of the evening. Note that to accompany this device, the Bison 0 firecracker will produce even more decibels during detonations.


Firecracker safety instructions Le Tigre E4

Follow the instructions on the firecracker package Le Tigre E4. All the firecrackers offered for sale on comply with the CE standard. Please respect a safety distance of 8 metres between you and the site of the explosion. Do not use firecrackers near flammable materials.

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0,5 gramme
Paquet de :
10 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
5 cm
1 cm

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