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Feu d'artifice - Maxi Nuit d'été

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The "Maxi Nuit d'été" is a fireworks box containing 60 fireworks launches, with a maximum caliber of 18 millimeters in diameter, designed to last about 30 seconds and offer a spectacle of sparkling colors in the sky. It is suitable for all festive occasions and is easy to use. The product is offered by the Ardi brand.


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Maxi Summer Night Compact Firework

Are you looking for a firework for your birthday? Start with the Maxi Summer Night! A package prepared to provide 30 seconds of pleasure to all the people present at your party with just one lighting. It can be used alone, but is also ideal for starting or closing your firework show. The summer night ambiance of this fireworks pack will brighten up the starry night of your party. Head outside and discover the sound and pyrotechnic effects of this firework. A creation of the Ardi brand.

A firework to impress your guests

The Maxi Summer Night is composed of 60 shots with a maximum caliber of 18 millimeters in diameter. The ignition is done in one go to allow you to enjoy this firework at the same time as your guests. The rockets rise one after the other to a height of about 25 meters before delivering their sparkling colors. Reds, blues, greens, the explosions will animate your summer sky under the admiring looks of the assembly. The light and sound effects will surely be appreciated by your guests.

The cheap firework

Put sparkles in the eyes of your guests by presenting them with a symphony of colorful shooting stars, each more sparkling than the last. Nothing is better to bring a smile to their lips than to make your party shine and look up to a dazzling sky. With the Maxi Summer Night Ardi, offer a sparkling show, easy to succeed, for all festive occasions with friends or family: birthday, wedding, baptism, etc., or even during a party organized just for the pleasure of being together. The show offered by this firework is a play of light and sound effects that will delight young and old. And before the main course, the Borealis Rockets pack will serve as the opening act for your firework show.

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