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Assortiment Artifices Micro Mix

Assortiment Artifices Micro Mix

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The "Sachet Micro Mix" is an affordable assortment of 38 fireworks that offers a variety of effects for unforgettable moments. It caters to all pyrotechnic enthusiasts and is perfect for various occasions. Its excellent value for money makes it a popular choice for those looking for affordable yet quality fireworks.

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Sachet Micro Mix

Discover the Sachet Micro Mix, a unique assortment of 38 fireworks at a very affordable price. Designed to satisfy pyrotechnic enthusiasts of all ages, this set offers a variety of effects to liven up your evenings and create unforgettable moments.

A Diverse Assortment for All Tastes

The Sachet Micro Mix offers a wide range of pyrotechnic effects for all tastes. It includes crackling balls, dazzling rockets, sparkling candles, crackling firecrackers, and much more. Whether you enjoy loud sound effects or spectacular visual displays, this assortment has something for you.

Excellent Value for Money

This assortment of fireworks is not only diverse but also extremely affordable. The Sachet Micro Mix allows you to enjoy a wide range of pyrotechnic effects without compromising on your budget. It is the ideal choice for those looking for quality fireworks at an accessible price.

Perfect for All Occasions

Whether it's a family gathering, a celebration with friends, or simply adding a touch of excitement to your evening, the Sachet Micro Mix is perfect for all occasions. Its ease of use and diversity make it the ideal choice for any event.

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