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Borealis Rocket Pack of 6

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Looking for fireworks to light up your evening and amaze your guests? We've got you covered! Discover our wide selection of pyrotechnic products, from rockets to complete sets, fountains, and candles. Trust our expertise to create an unforgettable pyrotechnic display that will leave your guests in awe. Order now and take advantage of our special offers!


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Borealis Rocket Pack of 6

Creating an event during your family gatherings, birthday parties, weddings or any other festive occasion, a firework show undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. Why do you think that a big firework display is held everywhere in France on National Day? Because this spectacle brings joy and wonder to both young and old, bringing everyone together by making them look up at the sky. It's a moment that is anticipated and shared. A moment of pure conviviality.

Do not hesitate to offer your guests a high-color firework display by adding a few Borealis Rockets by Pyragric to the composition. The rocket, standing at 40cm tall, is composed of a fuse and a cylinder of 2 centimeters in diameter, sealed with a mortar cap. Inside this cylindrical body, there are explosives and colored powder. Just a few seconds after lighting the fuse, the rocket rises into the sky to a height of twenty-five meters, leaving behind a multicolored trail that resembles the aurora borealis. It then explodes into a flamboyant fireworks display, raining down a dazzling shower of silver and gold glitter.

With the Borealis Rockets by Pyragric, offer your guests, family or friends, a firework show that will leave a lasting impression on both your event and their memories. Make this evening a date your guests will never forget. You will also be happy to see the pleasure and wonder that will appear in their eyes. These Borealis rockets will wonderfully complement your firework display. An intense spectacle worthy of the greatest pyrotechnicians, which will delight all eyes looking up at the starry sky. Also consider adding Dragon Fury Fireworks to entertain the little ones, guaranteed success.

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