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Ardi Planète Bleue Antarctic

Ardi Planète Bleue Antarctic

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Compact firework with 16 shots of 20 mm caliber. With 112 grams of active material, you have the ultimate tool for a successful show in your hands. Whatever the occasion, the party will be sublime. Red comet tail to golden glittering palm, red, green, and blue tips, this is a 24-second spectacle, over 20 meters high

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Breathtaking Pyrotechnic Shows with the Antarctic Compact Firework

For successful pyrotechnic displays, choose the Antarctic compact firework by Ardi. This firework consists of an assembly of several tubes filled with active material. The principle is simple: after igniting the first tube, the others will light up one after another and project their effects in a successive and synchronized manner. With its 16 launches and the firepower produced by its 20mm caliber, this product will enhance your outdoor events.

Guaranteed Magical and Unforgettable Atmosphere

In an "Antarctic" atmosphere, from which the product gets its name, your evening will be unforgettable, no matter the celebration (New Year's Eve, national holiday, birthday, wedding, etc.). Whether you spend a festive moment with friends, family, or spectators invited in a completely different context, this event must be memorable. As an organizer, you have a great responsibility on your shoulders to create a magical atmosphere.

A Sky Illuminated with Multicolored Flashes

All your guests should leave the party more than satisfied with the experience they've just had. With a range of up to 25 meters in height, admire the sky adorned with multicolored flashes for exactly 24 seconds of wonder. A red comet tail drawing a luminous trail in the sky. A sparkling golden palm tree appearing in the firmament. Red, blue, or even green spikes cascading as far as the eye can see. You won't have to choose between all these dazzling pyrotechnic effects, as they will all be launched above your heads.

A Spectacle Without Boredom or Fatigue

You will all be amazed, amused, and astonished by the incredible staging. From lights to movements, and sounds, the show will undoubtedly be spectacular with the Antarctic firework. Feel free to complete your show with other compacts, such as the Caribbean, also part of the Blue Planet range.


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