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firecracker Super Bison K1

firecracker - Super Bison 1

€1.79 VAT included

With the Super Bison 1 firecracker, take explosion simulation to the next level. The Le Tigre brand was created by Pyragric, a specialist in fireworks and firecrackers. The Bison range is available in several intensities. With the cheap Super Bison 1 Le Tigre, you will get an even more intense boom than with the Super Bison 1 firecracker.

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Super Bison 1 Firecracker - The Tiger

Guaranteed atmosphere with the Super Bison 1 firecrackers from The Tiger. The Tiger is renowned for the high quality of its superb pyrotechnic products, and with the Super Bison 1, it's even better! Whether it's to liven up a party or simply to have a little fun, this fuse-lit firecracker is always a good choice to make some noise and brighten up the atmosphere.

Discover the performance of a pyrotechnic gem. Designed for outdoor use, the Super Bison 1 stands out for its power. You'll see for yourself: the explosion of this super firecracker is truly impressive! This is normal, as it is manufactured in accordance with European standards by one of the best pyrotechnic companies, much like another firecracker star, the Bison 2.

To create a huge sound effect, manufacturers use a cannon charge composed of the best explosive elements. The reaction is very quick, but you have enough time to take cover after lighting the fuse of the firecracker. Lighting a firework and waiting for it to explode is a pleasure that both young and old will always appreciate. A brief moment of waiting, a rush of adrenaline, and then a blast followed by amusing reactions. This original Super Bison 1 firecracker from The Tiger will never fail to make us laugh!

Don't forget to follow the safety instructions so as not to spoil the fun. There's no need to spend a fortune to light up the atmosphere. With this cheap firecracker, your parties and jokes will be even more special. Prepare your stock now and place your order. Fill your pockets with Super Bison firecrackers, grab a lighter, and go make some real noise in the neighborhood. You're ready, MAKE SOME NOISE!!!


Safety instructions for the Super Bison 1 firecracker from The Tiger

Please follow the instructions on the package of the Super Bison 1 firecracker from The Tiger. All firecrackers offered for sale on comply with the CE standard. Please respect a safety distance of 8 meters between the explosion site and yourself. Do not use firecrackers near flammable materials.



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Data sheet

Catégorie :
Matière active :
1,5 grammes
Paquet de :
4 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
11,2 cm
1,9 cm

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