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Fireworks and firecrackers pro or semi-pro: make dazzling shows


Fireworks pro put stars in the eyes of young and old with breathtaking sound and light shows. The petard purchase on our online site is of professional quality to CE standards.


Large number of firecrackers and fireworks in advantageous packs


Our online site fireworks pro standards in force with instructions for use in French includes articles reserved for pros as well as candles, rockets, bison for semi-pro. Since the beginning of July fireworks of category k1, k2, k3 can no longer be used. Remember to check the category of your stocks and renew your purchase petard, bison or candles, if your reserves are still carriers of the old category k1, k2, k3. Enjoy the sale of candles and rockets by packs to prepare the realization of sparkling shows of light. Wonder and economy guaranteed with professional fireworks packs.


The new standards for fireworks: place to the pro of the show


Firecrackers and Fireworks artifices are better regulated by the new legislation. Being an artificer is not child's play. From now on, only adults can make a petard or bison purchase. Professional or semi-pro event organizers and wedding redoes your firework stocks on our online site as the categories k1, k2, k3, french disappear and are replaced by the CE standards and categories F1, F2, F3 and F4. The last category is reserved for professionals holding a F4T2 training (formerly C4T2) who requires 3 days of theoretical training and 3 cooperations in pyrotechnic shows to be able to use pro fireworks or rocket fired with mortar.

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