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Chandelle Xkalibur - 70 tirs

Chandelle Xkalibur - 70 tirs

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The Xkalibur Candle by Pyragric is a high-caliber pyrotechnic candle with 70 shots that offers an impressive and memorable spectacle. It is perfect for fireworks enthusiasts looking for an exceptional visual experience. Its large size and multicolored light effects make it an ideal choice for illuminating the night sky during special celebrations. Safety is paramount when using this item, and it is important to follow the provided safety instructions. Discover the Xkalibur Candle - 70 shots and get ready for an unmatched pyrotechnic show.

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Xkalibur Candle - 70 shots: An Unmatched Pyrotechnic Spectacle

The Xkalibur Candle from Pyragric is a supreme choice for enthusiasts of large caliber fireworks. Its display is impressive and unforgettable, with 70 bursts that light up the night sky, ending in a bright point that descends gently. It is an exceptional candle that will delight spectators of all ages.

A Large Caliber Candle for a Spectacular Performance

With a diameter of 60 mm and a length of 80 cm, this candle is one of the largest available to the general public. Its firing height of 20 meters offers a unique spectacle that stands out from other rockets on the market.

Part of the Lords of Fire range, the Xkalibur Candle is perfect for those who appreciate the extraordinary and want to give their show a sumptuous touch. Its sound display is unforgettable and is sure to impress your guests. It is also easy to combine with other single-shot rockets for an even richer and superb fireworks display.

Multicolored Bright Streaks for a Dazzling Show

With its range of multicolored streaks, this candle offers great freedom to create the fireworks display of your dreams. Whether you choose to launch another rocket immediately after or synchronize the launch of two Xkalibur Candles for an even more impressive effect, the result will always be unique and memorable.

And why not extend the show indoors with table fountains to illuminate cakes and bottles? Add an extra luminous touch to your evening for a truly unforgettable celebration.


An identification document may be required for the purchase of this product. If you do not agree, please do not order this product. The Xkalibur Candle - 70 shots comes with a firing stake for easy installation.

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