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The Ardist - Lyrique

The Ardist - Lyrique

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The Ardist - Lyrique. A compact battery of 10 launches with 25mm caliber (that's heavy!) composed of colored stars and large silver effects. All in a very fast and diversified firing order. With nearly 170 grams of powder and a height of 30 meters, this fireworks show from the Ardist range is unique at Pétards & Artifices prices.


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For an Unforgettable Fiesta: Compact Lyrique

The Compact Lyrique is the ideal solution to make your evenings magical and colorful with its 10 different colored shots and its sparkling red and silver effects. The mortars, individually placed in the compact, are sent more than 30 meters high one by one, offering a festive effect worthy of the great professional fireworks. This fireworks is accessible to individuals and can be installed by yourself to surprise your guests during memorable evenings.

Easy to use and designed for safety, the Compact Lyrique is intended for adults, but children will be delighted to enjoy such a beautiful spectacle. This fireworks will light up your sky with beautiful colors, and as a bonus, the effects also include stars for even more magic.

Compact Lyrique: Safety and Fun Guaranteed

The Compact Ardist - Lyrique ensures you a successful evening without any hassle. Easy to use, you will only need a few minutes to set it up. Rigorously tested, these category F2 fireworks are safe if you respect the instructions for use. The precautions to be taken are simple: use it outdoors, in a clear space (without trees nearby) and with a rather low sound level.

In summary, the Compact Lyrique is a simple and effective choice for unforgettable evenings. You can also combine it with the Big Ben 500 for an even more impressive pyrotechnic display.

Get a glimpse of the Compact Lyrique in action with this video:

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