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Feu d'artifices Kung Fu

Feu d'artifices Kung Fu

€5.99 VAT included

The affordable Kung Fu Fireworks will delight your guests with its brocade crowns and crackling green stars. Ideal for festive events, it offers exceptional value for money at €5.99 for an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience.


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Affordable Kung Fu Fireworks: An Unforgettable Pyrotechnic Experience

The Kung Fu Fireworks offer you a breathtaking pyrotechnic show at an unbeatable price. With its brocade crown effects and crackling green stars, these affordable fireworks will enchant your guests at your festive events. You have in your hands the ultimate tool to create a successful show and invite your guests to start the party. It's a sure value.

Key Points of the Kung Fu Fireworks:

  • Affordable, Kung Fu is the perfect solution to amaze your guests without breaking your budget.
  • The bright and vibrant colors of this firework display resemble the Northern Lights, offering a flamboyant and magical spectacle for your guests.
  • Ideal for starting a pyrotechnic show or as a transition between two projections, Kung Fu will whet your guests' appetite.
  • Comprising 10 shots, Kung Fu can be combined with other fireworks to create an even more impressive show.
  • For a complete pyrotechnic experience, pair it with the Weco VMax to guarantee an unforgettable experience for your guests.
  • Enjoy exceptional value for money with Kung Fu, available for just €5.99.
  • Thanks to its ease of use, Kung Fu is the ultimate tool to create a successful and safe show and invite your guests to start the party.
  • Once night falls, offer a spectacular moment to your guests with the Kung Fu Fireworks. This experience will leave a lasting impression and they will remember the show for a long time.
  • Kung Fu is ready to challenge you and awaits you for a grandiose show. Take on the challenge and offer your guests an unforgettable pyrotechnic experience.

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