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Compact YLDRA - la fée

Compact YLDRA - la fée

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Made by Pyragric and part of the new Magic World range, the compact Yldra la fée fireworks display is a magnificent pyrotechnic spectacle. The program features 16 splendid launches of palm trunk effects with blue, green and sparkling stars, red and sparkling stars, and crackling flowers. Lasting for 40 seconds, the sky will light up over 40 meters high. 29mm caliber.


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Compact YLDRA - the Fairy

Summer is coming, and there's nothing more beautiful than finishing a festive evening with a firework display. If you're looking to animate your event with a lot more originality, opt for a compact. This Yldra the Fairy compact model would be ideal to impress your guests. It is a firework that is part of the new Magic World range, exclusively designed by Pyragric. Whether it's for a party with friends, a birthday party, a wedding, an engagement, a company party, or another event you want to immortalize, give a souvenir that will remain forever engraved in the memory of your guests.

This Yldra the Fairy compact will be perfect for illuminating your evening through its palm trunk effects accompanied by multicolored stars and crackling flowers. You will have star colors that are just as sparkling as each other, namely blue, red, and green stars. Children and adults alike will be amazed by the beauty of the fireworks in the dark sky. In addition, it only requires a stable place to install and start it at a single ignition point. You don't need to be a professional technician to provide a dream animation for your guests.

This firework has a 29 mm caliber. In addition to that, its jets can reach up to 4 meters in height, or even more. However, it offers an impressive display of more than fifteen multicolored fireworks for about 40 seconds. You can then enjoy this device with a minimum budget while enjoying maximum satisfaction, pleasure, and emotion. This Yldra the Fairy compact will work its magic on all those who have the opportunity to enjoy it for an unforgettable evening. So, immortalize your event and enjoy the most beautiful colors with pyrotechnics worthy of the big festivals, and all at a low cost. And if you want to continue your show, take a look at the product Showbox XXL - Ardi.


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