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Compact KORMAX - Le Druide

Compact KORMAX - Le Druide

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The Compact KORMAX - The Druid offers an enchanting pyrotechnic display with exceptional visual and sound effects. For 70 seconds, this fireworks will illuminate the sky with a sequence of sparkling fires, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. It is perfect for livening up an evening, concluding a nighttime show, or celebrating a special event. The impressive explosions, sparkling bouquets, and varied effects add an extraordinary atmosphere to every moment. Give your guests a magical spectacle with the Compact KORMAX - The Druid.

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Compact KORMAX - The Druid

The Magic of Compacts

Among fireworks, the compact stands out for its ability to offer a festive visual and auditory symphony. The Compact Magic World - Kormax the Druid perfectly illustrates this characteristic, adding exceptional elements for an enchanting display of light and sound. With this explosive, culminating in a breathtaking grand finale, your guests will experience a moment of pure enchantment. For 70 seconds, this firework with 72 shots will illuminate the sky with a succession of sparkling fires, providing a true feast for the eyes.

The Unforgettable Ambience of Kormax - The Druid

To create a memorable atmosphere with varied effects, sounds, and shapes, the Compact Magic World - Kormax - The Druid is the ideal choice. From a single mortar, each explosion triggers another until all shots are exhausted. The successive explosions reach impressive heights, offering the audience a 1-minute and 10-second pyrotechnic spectacle. White sparkles, large sparkling golden bouquets, red dahlia effects, and kamuro effects with golden or silver trails combine to create an extraordinary ambiance, perfectly complementing another firework from the range, Cleophée the Magician.

A Dazzling Show, Feet on the Ground

With the Compact Magic World - Kormax - The Druid, your guests will feel like they are traveling to the height of the stars while keeping their feet firmly on the ground. This compact can be used to kick off an evening, burst between two other displays, or conclude a nighttime spectacle. It makes a fantastic gift for a birthday, wedding, or professional or family celebration. For an even more visual and sensational experience, you can set up the firework at a higher elevation, allowing the sparkling bursts to soar even higher into the sky.


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