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Giga Mix

€36.99 VAT included

Assortment of 11 Giga fireworks including: 2 Ecume fountains, 1 Tamaris compact, 1 Jimmy compact, 2 Hector compacts, 2 Pinson whistle fireworks, 2 30-shot candles and 1 whistle firework. Everything you need for a successful party.

Spice up your parties with the "Giga Mix" fireworks pack containing 11 different fireworks to create a dazzling and memorable atmosphere. Offer your guests an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank thanks to this economical option.

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Giga Mix Fireworks Pack

If you love parties filled with impressive displays, then the Giga Mix pack is a must-have to spice up your events and surprise your guests. This pack contains multiple crackling effects to make your events a success. Giga Mix includes a series of 11 fireworks with nearly different aspects and each with their respective characteristics.

The 2 Ecume fountains give a volcanic effect by sending green stars and silver and gold fireworks. So dazzling, your eyes will sparkle for 25 seconds with each shot. The compact Tamaris launches 7 whirling discs at a breakneck speed. Through the compact Little Big Jimmy, multicolored sparks will be propelled to satisfy your visual pleasure. Also, the 2 Hector compacts project rockets that are both dazzling and whistling and can reach a height of 8 meters. On one hand, the 2 Pinson fireworks emit a whistling sound upon launch. On the other hand, the whistling firework is unique thanks to the pleasant and incomparable sound during its propulsion. An outdoor show with bright and surprising effects awaits you with the 2 candles with 30 reports.

Benefit from this highly advantageous Giga Mix assortment in terms of price, an offer that is totally unbeatable to flavor the atmosphere of your guests. This set of fireworks is therefore very economical. In short, resplendent colors with a thousand sparkles will make you experience a totally unforgettable and memorable show with friends and family. Live your most beautiful moments with this pyrotechnic assortment. With Giga Mix, become the director of your parties to warm up the atmosphere. Set the night on fire by gathering a shower of bright stars in a thousand colors, a crackling and sparkling touch, and extraordinary whistling bursts. Complete this kit with the Tigre Fun Mix for even noisier and more fun events. And if you're not satisfied, add a pack of Apollo Mission fireworks to your cart.

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