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KIDS (+12 years old)

Pétard Clac Doigt

Discover the must-have Clac Doigt firecrackers for a memorable family party. Enjoy the best price for a box of 50 firecrackers on...
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Bombe de table - Anniversaire

Light up the fuse for an explosion of festive accessories for 3-4 people. The Birthday Table Bomb is the perfect choice to make...
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Nitro Ball

Discover the explosive and sparkling effects of Nitro Ball, contained in a pack of six small crackling balls. With their multiple...
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Tornad Djinn

Discover the TORNAD’DJINN, a ground-spinning firework with green and red crackling effects for an unforgettable family celebration....
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Big Clac Doigt

Discover the "Big Clac Fingers", a larger and even more fun version of the famous " Clac Fingers ". This F1 category game is safe...
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fireworks - Captain Pyro

Aimed mainly at teenagers and older children, Captain Pyro fireworks displays will allow them to have fun in complete safety....
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New Avions Xtrem Voltige

The Avions Xtrem Voltige Le Tigre are unique fireworks that offer an unforgettable light show, with golden and silver sparkles....
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