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Planète Bleue - Atlantic

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An universe of sound and visual sensations opens up to you. Travel through the oceans and follow the stars of the planet. A world filled with sparkling colors. Red wave with blinking stars and blue stars, crackling silver rain. The Ardi Planète Bleue - Atlantic compact, it's 16 starts of 25 mm caliber for a firework at over 30 meters height.

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Atlantic Firework from the Planète Bleue collection

If you are a fan of traveling across oceans while gazing at the planet's stars, this Atlantic compact firework will not disappoint you! The Planète Bleue collection showcases a universe of visual and sound sensations that will propel you into a whole other dimension. A world filled with sparkling colors that leave luminous trails in the sky.

The Atlantic Ocean in all its splendor

Given its name, the Planète Bleue-Atlantic will tell us the story of the Atlantic Ocean. The red wave with flickering stars and blue stars will rain down from the sky and light up the night before slowly disappearing before your amazed eyes. To top it off, you get a crackling silver rain that will add fun to the whole show. Each detonation resonates like thunder in the heart of the night.

A real treat for the eyes!

Thanks to exciting colors and equally surprising sound effects, you will witness a spectacle with the sky as its backdrop. You won't find this anywhere else! Your birthday, wedding or even Christmas will be magical and unforgettable this year! You will make the young and old dream and take them on a timeless journey. If you think this show generates exorbitant expenses, you are wrong. The Atlantic compact by Ardi is available at a low price.

A grand finale

Even if balloons, confetti, candles or cakes have had their effect, nothing can replace "fireworks". They give your party a whole new turn. This element, a vector of joy, will refine your evening beautifully. From start to finish, you will taste the magic of this finely crafted moment to guide you on the roads of wonder. And if you want to change scenery, Set sail to the African continent with the Eastern storm firework.


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