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Pyrokit 61 tirs - Pro Edition

Pyrokit 61 tirs - Pro Edition

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The Pyrokit 61 is a compact firework kit with 61 shots offered by Petards et Artifices, ideal for enhancing any event. The Pyrokit 61 is capable of creating a stunning pyrotechnic display that will leave your guests amazed. Each shot lasts long enough for your guests to enjoy and capture in photos or videos. The high-quality fireworks of the Pyragric Professional Edition add a poetic touch to this animation that will serve as a grand finale for a successful evening. With these fireworks, you can create magical moments that will stay in the memories of all your guests.

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Pyrokits Fireworks Compact 61 Shots

To illuminate an evening and end it beautifully, nothing beats the splendor of fireworks under a starry sky. At Petards et Artifices, we offer this Pyrokit of 61 shots to enhance the animation of your event. With this unique offer, you are certain to light up the sky and dress the night in fleeting colors that will amaze your guests and create the wow effect. To evoke wonder, launch your colored firecrackers at the end of the evening. Our fireworks will allow you to awaken the emotion of your guests.

Fireworks for all occasions

Final whistle and crackling accompany this kit for uninterrupted entertainment in sound and color. You will have no trouble lighting this compact PyroKit 61 and then sending a explosion of bright colors into the firmament. Astonishment guaranteed thanks to these superior quality accessories. Each shot lasts long enough for your guests to enjoy them and capture them in photos/videos. Your evening will remain in memories thanks to this unforgettable grand finale. You can use this fireworks kit for different occasions including weddings, birthdays, New Year's Eve...

Feel free to also buy it to use for a party with your colleagues, an inauguration, or even a professional and commercial exhibition.

Petard & Artifice quality at your service

Unique in their kind, the Pyragric Professional Edition fireworks rise up before scattering to amaze the audience. The comets add a touch of poetry to this animation that serves as the grand finale to a successful evening. With our high-end fireworks, you become a true artist by using the sky as a canvas. Demonstrate your painting skills with this quality fireworks battery. Transport your guests to a universe where the night shines in all its glory. Customize the Pyrokit 61 fireworks by adding to your cart the Ardi - Blue Planet pack currently on promotion.

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