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Roman candles can produce truly spectacular and wow effects. They can project large fireballs, bursts of colorful sparks, or even shimmering effects. The effects may vary depending on the chosen roman candle, but they are always impressive and give a magical touch to any event.

Some roman candles can even produce sound effects, in addition to the visual effects. This is the case with the fabulous Golden Crack Roman Candle. Whistles, crackles, and explosions add an additional dimension to the sensory experience offered by these candles.

Roman candles can be used for events such as weddings, birthdays, themed parties, family gatherings, festivals, and community celebrations. They are also popular for professional pyrotechnic shows. Roman candles can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors, offering flexibility in the choice of desired effect.

Roman candles are available in different diameters and lengths, offering a wide variety of visual effects and burning times. Some roman candles are also equipped with effect repeat, which means they produce effects repeatedly throughout their burning time.

Roman candles can be used alone or in combination with other pyrotechnic products such as rockets and firecrackers to create an even more spectacular experience. It is important to note that roman candles must be handled with care and following the appropriate safety instructions. They must be used in an appropriate environment and at a distance from any flammable object. They are ideal as a preamble to a compact firework.

These fireworks are also affordable and easily available online at the website. It is important to remember to follow safety instructions when using roman candles, making sure to light them away from flammable objects and avoiding using them near people or animals.

Chandelle Xkalibur - 70 tirs

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10-shot Roman Candle pack x 6

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