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Super Bouquet Prestige

Super Bouquet Prestige

22515 - Prestige
€119.00 VAT included

This super bouquet prestige from the Champs Elysées range offers you a very intense pyrotechnic display. It is presented in a reinforced cardboard decorated suitcase with a plastic handle for transport. With just one ignition, you will have a dazzling and exceptional intensity display. Dense, dynamic, and intense for 75 seconds. Caliber 30 mm.


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Préparation sous 24 heures


Satisfait ou Remboursé 15 jours

Automatic Super Bouquet Prestige Fireworks

Do you want to amaze your loved ones with fireworks for individuals that will dazzle their eyes as well as the sky, up to 30 meters high? Bet on a memorable and exceptional grand finale, the highlight of your pyrotechnic show! The grand finale will stay in the minds of your guests and make your birthday party, your wedding, your family reunion or your poolside evening with friends a unique, magical and emotional moment!

Composed of automatic fireworks, the use of your economical fireworks is simple and quick, accessible to all individuals wishing to organize a pyrotechnic show in complete safety. Just place the suitcase on the ground, light it up and enjoy the show! The compact Super Bouquet Prestige will close your fireworks in beauty and will transport your guests to another universe, recalling childhood and its wonder. Your friends, family or neighbors will be admiring of the quality of your Super Bouquet Prestige show and its sparkling colors. It will also be perfect in combination with another firework from the Ardi brand, the Champs Elysées Etoile.

Thus, 75 seconds of grand finale await you, offering prestige and emotion to your guests as well as precious memories. Its bright colors, crackling and sparkling are to be consumed without moderation and will remind you of professional fireworks. Our automatic Super Bouquet Prestige fireworks will seduce you with its excellent quality/price ratio and its pyrotechnic display of great intensity. For more information, please contact our customer service, which will be delighted to provide you with advice and expertise to make you and your loved ones spend a unique, memorable and dazzling moment thanks to our Super Bouquet Prestige fireworks packs!


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