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Le tigre 1500 coups, le paquet d'une rafale de 1500 détonations.

firecrackers 1500 shots

€29.99 VAT included

Firecracker 1500 shots - Le Tigre. These wick firecrackers are different from a dynamite stick, they offer a considerable deflagration, with a super powerful noise. This package is sold individually, make sure that your party is unforgettable with these quality firecrackers. Once tried, you will be amazed by the effect! The boom Le Tigre powers 1500. A really impressive firecracker.

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Firecrackers - Le Tigre 1500 shots

This 1500 shots Le Tigre firecracker, designed for young adults and older ones, will blow your mind! The famous firecracker brand Pyragric has decided to hit hard with this unique model with an explosive and powerful sound. Its strange shape gives it an astonishing appearance that stands out with the other firecrackers in its category. Its resounding noise will allow you to spend happy holidays with friends or family, and, above all, to impress and take their breath away. It will soon make its debut in our hit parade of the best-selling firecrackers

Le Tigre 1500 Coups is also perfect for celebrations or events that deserve to be celebrated with dignity. Presented in the form of a circuit, it can be placed in any way and can be admired during the explosion. This can be a fun way to play with the shape of the firecracker, which adds dynamism to your evening or festive day. Beyond the visual aspect which is breathtaking, the noise produced remains quite extraordinary since it is of an unusual power and intensity. 1500 firecrackers in a chain will explode in turn, lined up one after the other, producing a spectacle similar to that of a machine gun emptying a huge magazine, worthy of a part of Call of Duty.

The deflagrations follow one another at a fantastic speed, perfecting the animation of your evening. Something to amaze everyone! Its red colour gives an extra boost to the explosions that follow one another with astonishing speed, dazzling you from start to finish. Combining the ferocity of Le Tigre and the beauty of a fireworks display, this Le Tigre firecracker of 1500 shots will have everything to please you.

Of course, the use of the firecracker Le tigre 1500 coups is completely safe. You are indeed guaranteed safety during its use, thanks to the CE standard in force since 2017. We still advise you to keep a distance of at least 8 meters between you and the firecracker for a safe explosion. To vary the pleasures of little kids, a few packages of cheap firecrackers The U2 Le Tigre will do the job.

Dimension of the Firecracker Chain: 4.85 meters!

Data sheet

Catégorie :
Matière active :
210 grammes
Paquet de :
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans

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