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Compact Super Power 16

Compact Super Power 16

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The Sky Designer range from the Ardi brand is the ultimate in fireworks for apprentice pyrotechnicians. So, if you want to make your next gathering a hit, invite your guests outside and treat them to a spectacular pyrotechnic display. With 16 launches of 25 mm, the Super Power 16 delivers magnificent explosions at a height of over 40 meters. Shimmering palm trees with red comet tails, crackling rain palm trees with green comet tails, red and blue rocade, and green chrysanthemums with red comet tails are just a few of the spectacular visual effects that will create unforgettable memories for your guests.


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Super Power 16 by Sky Designer: The ultimate fireworks for apprentice pyrotechnicians

Designed for apprentice pyrotechnicians who want to experience exceptional pyrotechnics, the Sky Designer range by Ardi promises a sumptuous fireworks show that will amaze your guests during your evenings with friends or family. The Super Power 16 offers a variety of stunning visual effects, including sparkling palms with red comet tails, crackling palms with green comet tails, red and blue crossettes, and green chrysanthemums with red comet tails.

With its 16 shots of 25mm caliber, the Super Power 16 propels its spectacular effects more than 40 meters high, captivating all eyes and creating unforgettable memories.

Easy to use, the Super Power 16 allows you to fully enjoy your fireworks show without any worries. Simply place the fireworks on a stable surface, light the fuse, and get ready to enjoy the show. This fireworks is ideal for all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, New Year's Eve parties, or just to liven up an evening with friends.

Choose the Super Power 16 from the Sky Designer range and give your loved ones a magical and unforgettable moment. Thanks to its quality and variety of effects, this fireworks will meet the expectations of apprentice pyrotechnicians and enchant your audience. And complete your pyrotechnics show with the compact of the same range, the Xtra Power 25.

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