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Le Régent

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Want to buy a high-quality, cheap fireworks to impress your friends? Part of the Luxury French Touch line, like its colleague the Golden Jubilée, the compact Le Régent contains nearly 300 grams of active material, for 24 launches of 25 mm caliber. The spectacle is sublime, and the magnificent effects are there: Silver, Emerald Gold, and Ruby.

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Le Regent Compact Fireworks: A Stunning Spectacle

Designed by expert pyrotechnicians at Ardi, the Le Regent compact fireworks is a sumptuous 24-shot fan display that will captivate your audience. Part of the Luxury French Touch pyrotechnic range, Le Regent is synonymous with quality and successful entertainment. With a caliber of 25mm, each shot will offer a spectacular explosion at over 25 meters high.

Le Regent: An Unforgettable Show

Silver palms, gold emeralds and rubies will unfold in the sky for 17 seconds, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and dazzling fireworks display for your audience. This affordable fireworks display will not fail to delight the amazed eyes of all spectators. When lighting the Le Regent compact fireworks, the designated pyrotechnician must position themselves in front of the side facing the public, to ensure safety and the smooth running of the show.

An Ideal Choice for Various Occasions

Like the best seller Koh I Nor compact fireworks, the Le Regent compact fireworks is a perfect choice for animating events such as weddings, birthdays, national holidays, and other special celebrations. Thanks to its ease of use and the quality of its pyrotechnic effects, Le Regent will add a touch of magic and wonder to your event, creating unforgettable memories for your guests.

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