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12x Stary Night® Rockets

12x Stary Night® Rockets

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Stary Night® Rockets offer an unforgettable pyrotechnic display with vibrant colors. Each launch illuminates the night sky in a spectacular way, with dazzling red, gold, and green finales. These rockets are perfect for lighting up the sky during special celebrations and events. With a 10mm caliber, they provide an impressive show with a height of 25 meters. Stary Night® Rockets are subject to sales registration and require identification for purchase.

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Stary Night® Rockets: Illuminate the Sky with Vibrant Colors

Unleash the skies and create a symphony of light with the Stary Night® Rockets. Make the air whistle and light up the darkness with dazzling finales in red, gold, and green. Each launch is an explosion of beauty that illuminates the night in an unforgettable way.

An Unmatched Pyrotechnic Experience

Subject to sales registry, these Stary Night® rockets are a spectacle on their own. The pack includes 12 rockets, ready to illuminate your event with magnificent bursts. Each rocket measures 40 cm in length with a diameter of 2 cm, an ideal size for a sensational light display.

Specifications that Promise a Memorable Show

With a single-shot count, each Stary Night® rocket is a showstopper. The 10mm caliber ensures a safe trajectory and an impressive display. The rockets can reach an impressive height of 25m, ensuring that your light show will be visible from afar.

A Show for Everyone

Whether you're organizing a neighborhood party, a private celebration, or a large event, these rockets will add an element of surprise and wonder to your celebration. The F2 category of these rockets means they are perfectly safe for domestic use while providing a spectacular pyrotechnic experience. However, always make sure to adhere to the necessary safety measures when using fireworks.

Create unforgettable memories with the Stary Night® Rockets and give your audience a visual experience they won't soon forget.


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