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Assortiment - Tigre Mega Mix

Assortiment - Tigre Mega Mix

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The Tigre Mega Mix assortment offers a diverse selection of fireworks, ensuring a breathtaking show. It includes rockets, roman candles, compacts, and spinning planes. This comprehensive assortment is perfect for all types of celebrations.

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Tigre Mega Mix Assortment: A Pyrotechnic Spectacle in One Package

Experience the pinnacle of pyrotechnics with the Tigre Mega Mix Assortment. This carefully curated assortment features a diverse range of fireworks, guaranteeing a breathtaking spectacle with each use. Whether for a special occasion or to liven up an ordinary evening, the Tigre Mega Mix is the perfect choice.

A comprehensive assortment for all your fireworks needs

The Tigre Mega Mix includes the following pieces:

  • 3 Stary Night Rockets: Illuminate the sky with these dazzling rockets, creating a shower of sparkling stars.
  • 3 Silver Dragon Rockets: These rockets offer a fiery display with their silver trails, evoking the power and mystery of dragons.
  • 6 Blitz Roman Candles of 10mm caliber: Designed for vertical projection, these candles ignite the sky with a rapid sequence of bright bursts.
  • 6 Blizzard Roman Candles of 11mm caliber: Enjoy a flurry of light with these candles, creating a radiant blizzard effect in the sky.
  • 1 Little Big Jimmy Compact and 1 Little Big Hector Compact: These compacts offer a variety of effects, including stars, bursts, and crackles, for a prolonged and spectacular performance.
  • 2 Whirling Planes: Take your show to new heights with these flying fireworks that spin and ascend in the sky, leaving a trail of light.

Pyrotechnic pleasure at your fingertips

Each piece in the Tigre Mega Mix has been selected for its quality and impressive visual display. Whether you are a pyrotechnics enthusiast or organizing your first fireworks show, this assortment provides you with a complete and accessible experience. Get ready to amaze your guests with this fireworks assortment.

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