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Feu d'artifice Vive la France

Feu d'artifice Vive la France

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The "Compact Vive La France" is a firework designed to celebrate sports and cultural events and the National Day of July 14th. It is manufactured by the brand Ardi and offers impressive pyrotechnic effects in the colors of France. With 20 shots, 158 grams of powder, and a duration of 25 seconds, it offers a pyrotechnic display rich in colors and effects.


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Compact Vive La France: support our colors during major events

The Compact Vive La France is a firework specially designed to celebrate and support our national teams during the upcoming major sports and cultural events, as well as to light up the sky during our National Day on July 14th. Produced by the recognized brand Ardi for the quality of its fireworks, this compact guarantees you a successful and unforgettable spectacle.

Spectacular effects in the colors of France

The Compact Vive La France offers impressive pyrotechnic effects, in the image of our country. The red and aqua stars with red comet tail, as well as the white sparkling with silver comet tail, symbolize the colors of France and will delight the spectators. With a caliber of 20 mm, a duration of 25 seconds and a height reaching up to 30 meters, this firework will showcase our national colors in a spectacular way.

Technical characteristics

The Compact Vive La France belongs to the F2 category, which means that it is accessible to individuals and can be used in private spaces, while respecting safety instructions. It is composed of 20 shots and contains 158 grams of powder, ensuring a colorful and rich pyrotechnic spectacle.

An unforgettable celebration with Vive La France

Whether it is to support our teams during sports and cultural events or to celebrate the National Day on July 14th, the Compact Vive La France is the ideal choice to offer a memorable and spectacular pyrotechnic spectacle. The bright colors and varied effects will make your event an unforgettable celebration.

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