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Ardi - 100% Feu Maxi Decibel

Ardi - 100% Feu Maxi Decibel

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Discover the Maxi Decibel, a stunning firework from Ardi's 100% Feu range, offering a high-quality show at an affordable price. This compact firework features 25 shots, impressive visual and sound effects, for a unique pyrotechnic experience. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and other events, the Maxi Decibel ensures a memorable and spectacular moment.

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Maxi Decibel: A Breathtaking Show from the 100% Fire Range

Discover the Maxi Decibel, a spectacular firework display from the Ardi brand, part of the 100% Fire range, renowned for offering exceptional quality shows at an affordable price. Light up a Maxi Decibel and prepare to be amazed by the twinkling stars and stunning sound effects!

A Fully Loaded Compact for an Unforgettable Show

The Maxi Decibel is a compact firework that promises an absolutely explosive quality (of the show) / price ratio, just like the other products in the 100% Fire range. With 25 shots, a 20mm caliber, and a height of 20 meters, this firework guarantees a breathtaking show for 25 seconds.

Remarkable and Audible Effects

Maxi Decibel stands out for its silver chrysanthemum comet tails with sound effects, which add an auditory dimension to the visual beauty of the show. These combined effects provide a unique and captivating pyrotechnic experience for you and your guests.

An Exceptional Pyrotechnic Experience with Maxi Decibel

Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a wedding, a national holiday, or any other event, Maxi Decibel is the perfect choice to provide an unforgettable and impressive pyrotechnic show. Enjoy the beauty of the twinkling stars and captivating sound effects of this compact firework to create memorable moments.

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