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12-Rocket Reflet n°1 Pack

12-Rocket Reflet n°1 Pack

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The pack of 12 Reflet n°1 rockets offers spectacular and affordable fireworks for all your celebrations. With four different effects included, you'll dazzle spectators and make each event unforgettable. These powerful and budget-friendly rockets are perfect for those seeking quality pyrotechnics without breaking the bank. Don't miss the opportunity to create magical memories with the pack of 12 Reflet n°1 rockets!

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Discover the 12-Rocket Reflet n°1 Pack: the ideal option for spectacular and affordable fireworks

The 12-Rocket Reflet n°1 Pack is the perfect solution for fireworks enthusiasts looking for affordable and powerful pyrotechnics. These 16mm caliber rockets, classified in category F2, offer an impressive height of 35 meters and contain 36 grams of active material per box. Thanks to this pack, you can get closer to the stars and amaze your guests at your celebrations.

Four dazzling effects for memorable fireworks displays

With the 12-Rocket Reflet n°1 Pack, aspiring pyrotechnicians can practice and familiarize themselves with four different effects. Each effect adds a unique touch to your fireworks display, creating a captivating visual and auditory spectacle for all viewers. By choosing this pack, you benefit from a variety of effects at an affordable price, ensuring unforgettable fireworks every time.

An economical choice for spectacular fireworks

The Reflet n°1 Rockets are an excellent option for those looking for affordable rockets and quality pyrotechnics. With this cost-effective pack, you can enjoy a spectacular fireworks experience without breaking the bank. Whether you want to liven up a family gathering, a birthday party, or any other special event, these powerful and affordable rockets are sure to delight all attendees.

In conclusion

The 12-Rocket Reflet n°1 Pack is the ideal choice for those seeking powerful rockets, affordable pyrotechnics, and a breathtaking fireworks experience. Take advantage of the variety of effects and the quality of these rockets to create unforgettable memories at your celebrations and special events.

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