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VEGA® Rockets x6

VEGA® Rockets x6

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Illuminate your celebrations with VEGA® Rockets, delivering a breathtaking pyrotechnic display of twinkling silver comets and a multicolored bouquet. Perfect for any occasion, these rockets promise an unforgettable spectacle soaring up to 15 meters in the sky. Purchase now on, to make your event a memorable occasion at an affordable price.


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VEGA® Rockets: A Stunning Light Show in the Sky

Discover the VEGA® Rockets, an assortment of incredibly bright and dazzling fireworks ready to enhance your special events. These rockets are sold in packs of 6 and are ready to light up the sky up to a height of 15 meters.

A Display of Sparkling Comets and a Multicolored Bouquet

The VEGA® Rockets are renowned for their amazing brightness and color variety. They project sparkling silver comets that whistle across the sky, followed by an impressive multicolored bouquet. Whether it's for a festive evening, a birthday, a wedding, or any other event, VEGA® Rockets are the perfect choice to add a magical touch to your celebration.

Technical Information

The VEGA® Rockets are of 13 mm caliber and measure 41 x 1.5 cm. They are classified in category F2, which means they can be safely used in an appropriate space. Please note that the purchase of this product is subject to a sales register, so an ID may be required when purchasing. For safe use, please follow the usage instructions carefully.

Gift Yourself an Unforgettable Light Show with VEGA® Rockets

Don't miss out on the chance to treat your guests to an unforgettable light show. The VEGA® Rockets, with their silver brilliance and color bouquet, guarantee a celebration moment that you'll remember for a long time. Order now on and make your event an exceptional moment!

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