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Feu d'artifice automatique Pyramatic 137 lancements avec effets extrêmement variés


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Pyramatic automatic fireworks 137 launches with extremely varied effects

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Fireworks Case Pyramatic 137

Case of 5 compacts with final fan for 137 shots. has selected for you a fireworks that will amaze the public during your fireworks parties on July 14, anniversaries, and various festive occasions. Fireworks for municipalities and individuals, the exceptional automatic pyrotechnic show will give you full satisfaction. You are the artificer. Pyramatic 137 is 5 interconnected modules.

The fireworks in a briefcase make a complete show, with an announcement, various paintings and a final bouquet. Easy to use and set up, the Pyramatic 137 firebox is fired with a single wick. The interconnected fireworks modules provide automated pyro-show.

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. Pyramatic 137

137 extremely varied launches.

Module 1 - 19 shots: Blue and then yellow stars with lemon streaks, Green and purple peonies with flashing effect and green trail, Peony with white flashing stars then silver palm pistil, silver rain and crackling cloud.

Module 2 - 19 shots: Peonies green flashing effect with yellow and then red streaks, Peonies flashing white with green and purple streaks, Silver chrysanthemums with streaks blue.

Module 3 - 25 moves: Golden Rain, Green Stars with Crepitant Silver Trails, Crepitant Silver Rain, Crispy Silver Palm, Kamuro Gold.

Module 4: 25 Blows: Blue Pistil Crackling, Purple Peonies with Green Stars, Kamuro with Green Blinkers, Kamuro with Blue Stars, Large Gold Chrysanthemum.

Module 5: 49 fan feats: Kamuros with blue bouquet then red and golden rain, green bunches and silver palms, gold bunches with twinkling streaks < / p>

and weeping willows gold, Kamuros with blue bouquet with blue trail and large gold chrysanthemums.

90 seconds of intense illumination shot at a very fast pace. That's the secret of successful fireworks!

Number of hits: 137
Weight of Powder: 2.45 kg
Age limit of use: 18 years old
Safety distance: 25 meters
Duration: 90 seconds
Category Ce: F3
Height: 50m

According to Decree No. 2010-580 of 31 May 2010, in view of Article 2 (a) and (b) of Article 4, an individual not the obligation to make a prior declaration to the mayor of the municipality and the prefect of the department where the shooting of fireworks takes place if it is drawn in a private domain


Warning: Never look over the fireworks.

Do not shoot the fireworks in high winds or drought.

Wait 30 minutes after firing before handling the launch pad.


Pyramatic Fireworks 137 on video

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