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Giga Devil firecracker

firecrackers - Giga Demon

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Firecrackers Giga DEMON, the package of 3 firecrackers. Is the detonation still ringing? Choose the Giga Démon firecracker (or Mammoth 5 for those over 40 years old), to experience real sensations. For cheap this Giga Firecracker with a wick, has an explosion whose decibels will make you tremble. An extraordinary device. From the National Day to the Chinese New Year, you can impress your friends.

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Firecracker Giga Demon

Once you have lit the wick of this cheap firecracker Giga Demon, you will know why it bears this name. A powerful Giga firecracker reserved for adults, the huge explosion delivered by the Giga Demon firecracker commands respect. A firecracker that rises very high to the decibel level, and does what it was made for: A lot of noise. Parents, don't let your children use this Giga firecracker, once called the mammoth firecracker. Except for the big Bison 6 firecracker, the Giga demon has very few competitors who reach such a high sound level.

Developed by ARDI, one of the French leaders in pyrotechnics, the Giga Démon firecracker is one of the best selling firecrackers on your cheap firecracker buying site. And the story of this firecracker will not stop any time soon, the Giga Demon was already the favorite at the 2018 football world cup. Petard-artifice offers the Giga Demon firecracker at the best price on the net, no need to look elsewhere for a more attractive offer. On this subject, the Seo Communique website talks about us...

Considering the violent noise that makes this firecracker during the detonation, it is advisable to use it during the hunting season, so as not to be noticed. Or prefer the traditional July 14th festivities to enjoy this mini stick of dynamite. Light the firecracker, run... and tell your friends and family that it's not you!

Follow the instructions on the packaging of the firecrackers. Note that you must be of legal age to use Giga Demon firecrackers. These devices are intended for outdoor use. It is preferable to use them on a smooth surface, and it is essential to ensure that they do not explode next to flammable material.

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Catégorie :
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4,5 grammes
Paquet de :
3 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
15 cm
3,5 cm

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