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Le Tigre D3, chaîne de 40 pétards, effet mitraillette.

firecrackers D3

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If you want to wake up your birthday party, use Le Tigre D3 firecrackers. A guaranteed surprise effect for all your guests and an explosive atmosphere will be guaranteed with this firecracker. Machine gun effect with a chain of 40 devices. Get your Le Tigre D3 firecrackers at low prices in one click on the firecracker shopping site

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Le Tigre D3 Firecracker

The Le Tigre D3 firecrackers are the best choice to energize your events. To animate all kinds of outdoor events, discover these Le Tigre D3 fuse firecrackers. Intended for individuals who wish to bring ambiance to a friendly party, these firecrackers offered on our store have the advantage of being simple to use and relatively safe (provided that standard safety rules are respected).

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, party, picnic, aperitif, or simply a friendly gathering with family or friends, using firecrackers is also a real means of entertainment to impress your guests while fully enjoying outdoor spaces, the garden, and the pleasant weather. Moreover, due to their explosive noise, Le Tigre D3 firecrackers are particularly surprising and promise a festive and good-natured atmosphere.

Machine gun effect for even more fun The particularity of Le Tigre D3 firecrackers is their machine gun effect. Thanks to this chain composed of several fuse firecrackers, you get an impressive sound rendering. Grab a lighter or match, light the chain of firecrackers, respect a certain safety distance, and it's off for several seconds of continuous noise: the firecrackers are automatically triggered one after the other at close intervals.

Choosing Le Tigre D3 firecrackers from our online store is therefore a guaranteed explosive atmosphere for your parties, much to the delight of your guests. By ordering these firecrackers, you will be the one in charge of the party. To complete your firecracker purchases, the famous Tigre E4 will become indispensable for making...loud explosions.


Le Tigre D3 firecracker safety instructions

Please follow the instructions on the Le Tigre D3 firecracker package carefully. All firecrackers offered for sale on comply with CE standards. Please respect a safety distance of 8 meters between the explosion site and yourself. Do not use firecrackers near inflammable materials.

Data sheet

Catégorie :
Matière active :
8,5 grammes
Paquet de :
40 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
3 cm
0,5 cm

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