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petard emon x large

Firecracker DEMON X LARGE

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Firecrackers DEMON X LARGE, the package of 4 firecrackers. A must-have in our Firecrackers with wicks section, the Demon XL is a leisure explosive with an explosive noise / price ratio. The famous XL easily climbs up among the must-have and must be present in your firecracker bag during your festive evenings. Light the wick, run and BANG. The XL is the little firecracker that makes a lot of noise.

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Pétard Démon X Large: the powerful firecracker for thrill-seekers

An explosive history

What if the famous song from the Hard Rock band AC/DC was inspired by the Demon X Large firecrackers? Legend has it that Angus and the late Malcom Young were composing the second album of the band when the singer exploded a Demon XL. "Wow, that's TNT stuff!!!" And that's how TNT became one of the best-selling rock albums on the planet.

The big little one: an original shape

The Demon XL firecracker has an original shape. Small in height and wide, it is often nicknamed "the big little one" by fans of powerful firecrackers. It's not its size that surprises the most, but rather the power of its explosion, which you'll discover by using it yourself.

Power and detonation

The detonation of the Demon XL firecracker is powerful, very powerful, and the blast during the explosion is violent. No tin can withstand this extra-large firecracker. It is one of the strongest and cheapest firecrackers in the firecracker aisle of your favorite website.

Manufacturing and quality

The "big little one" is made by the French company Ardi, in compliance with all French and European standards related to leisure explosives. It is equivalent in terms of price-quality ratio to the Demon Slim firecracker. Easily identifiable by its unusual dimensions, the XL firecracker produces an imposing blast that will undoubtedly wake up your neighbors.

Safety instructions for the Demon X LARGE firecracker

Follow the instructions carefully on the package of the Demon X LARGE firecracker. All firecrackers for sale on comply with CE standards. It is important to respect a safety distance of 8 meters between the explosion site and you. Do not use firecrackers near inflammable materials.

Data sheet

Catégorie :
Matière active :
1,8 gramme
Paquet de :
4 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
5 cm
3,5 cm

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