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firecrackers - Demon Big Bang

firecrackers - Demon Big Bang

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Set of 4 cheap firecrackers Big Bang Demon. Prepare to shake. The unmistakable and incomparable Demon Big Bang firecracker arrives at your home, and be sure that those around you will know it. An explosion that requires respect, as the deflagration is so important. The Big Bang is well named and will produce effects beyond your expectations. Why go boom when you can go BOOM !

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Demon Big Bang firecracker

The Big Bang firecracker belongs to the Ardi range. This little stick of dynamite will amaze you with its powerful explosion. You want to peps your birthday party, your village festivals, your Bastille day party or any national day party, New Year's Eve party? Use this powerful and noisy artifice. Surprise effect guaranteed! Make sure, however, that your guests do not have heart problems, and enjoy this kind of amusement!

With the Big Bang firecracker, move up a gear in explosion simulation. A boom to scare off your neighbors, exalt your parties and create a surprise effect! Make your adrenaline rush on ignition but be aware, you will not only scare others with this firecracker! You, yourself, may be surprised by the sound of his explosion.


Precautions of use

The Devil Bigbang firecracker is an outdoor device. Please observe a minimum safety distance of 8 meters. Place the firecracker one by one on the ground, light the wick at each end and move away immediately. Any other use for the firecrackers presents serious dangers. Keep your firecrackers out of the heat, in a clean, cool and dry place. Do not smoke nearby. It is recommended to wear protective gloves. Do not use in rainy weather.

Data sheet

Catégorie :
Matière active :
3,5 grammes
Paquet de :
4 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
10 cm
2,5 cm

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