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Firecracker Le Tigre - Bison 6

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The designer of firecrackers, the designer of firecrackers - Le Tigre - Bison 6, PYRAGRIC puts its legendary expertise at your disposal to serve delicious moments in the moonlight. The model offered to you is impressively powerful and its detonation will leave you with an unforgettable memory. The most monstrous of firecrackers, the cheap Le Tigre - Bison 6 is available

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Firecracker Le Tigre - Bison 6

The firecrackers - Le Tigre - Bison 6 are of remarkable power. As soon as you meet this pyrotechnic marvel that firecrackers are - Le Tigre - Bison 6, you will inevitably be surprised by their unsuspected power. The three letters T G and B alone summarize what will undoubtedly accompany you throughout your summer vacation. They simply mean: Very Big Boom.

Indeed, the firecrackers - Le Tigre - Bison 6 produce a very large, a huge, a gigantic boom of the most beautiful effect that will certainly delight all the audience. After positioning the firecracker on the ground and making sure to keep the spectators about 25 m away, all you have to do is light the wick at its end, then move at least 8 m away and enjoy the show.

Firecrackers - Le Tigre - Bison 6: a memorable detonation. It is more than likely that anyone who witnessed the lighting of the firecracker wick - Le Tigre - Bison 6 will remember it long after. It is also more than certain that he will want to relive this wonderful moment with friends or family. Because with firecrackers - Le Tigre - Bison 6 we're dealing with something literally explosive!

Designed and designed by masters in the field, they are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects: with 80 years of experience, the PYRAGRIC company that designed them has such renowned expertise that it was entrusted with the tricks of celebrating the wedding of Prince Rainier III of Monaco with Grace Kelly. And nothing prevents you from taking a few packs of firecrackers Mega Demon to accompany your monstrous Le Tigre - Bison 6.


Firecracker safety instructions Le Tigre - Bison 6

Follow the instructions on the firecracker package Le Tigre - Bison 6. All firecrackers offered for sale on comply with the CE standard. Please respect a safety distance of 8 metres between you and the site of the explosion. Do not use firecrackers near flammable materials.

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8 grammes
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