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Flying Firecrackers Demon

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Demon Flying Firecrackers are very funny firecrackers mounted on a rod. Once planted in loose soil, all you have to do is light the wick and walk away to admire the work. The Demon Flying Firecrackers will fly about ten meters into the sky and then explode with a characteristic noise.

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Flying Firecrackers Demon

The Demon Flying Firecrackers are rockets that go high in the sky on starry nights. Whether it is for the celebration of the national holiday, for the night of Saint John, for the night of Saint Sylvester and why not on the occasion of Valentine's Day, any pretext is good to indulge in the joy of pyrotechnics.

Let's set the scene: first, gather family and friends together at nightfall on a relatively large and flat surface, making sure there are no trees or wires in which rockets could become entangled. The beach, for example, is a perfect place to launch pyrotechnic devices in complete safety.

Keep all these beautiful people at a distance of about 25 meters that will allow them to enjoy the show in complete peace of mind; then plant the stems of the Demon Flying Firecrackers solidly in sand or earth, light the wick, walk away a dozen steps and... enjoy!

The Demon Flying Firecrackers should only be used outdoors. They are CE certified, i.e. they meet the strict standards of the European regulations in this field. Before being put on the market, they have been scrupulously tested by professional technicians, which guarantees you a flawless quality and safety of use. A bag of 12 firecrackers for less than 1 €, you are still in the presence of cheap firecrackers.

It is not necessary to be Chinese in China to blow firecrackers, symbol of the escape of evil geniuses and demons. The Demon Flying Firecrackers are at the disposal of all and all celebrations. Between Firecrackers and Fireworks, here is an explosive product that will leave no one indifferent. For more classic detonations, the bag of 4 Corsaire 2 firecrackers will be ideal to liven up your evenings.


Flying Demon Firecracker Safety Instructions

Follow the instructions on the Flying Firecracker Package Demon. All firecrackers offered for sale on comply with the CE standard. Please respect a safety distance of 8 metres between you and the site of the explosion. Do not use firecrackers near flammable materials.

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