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Corsaire 3

firecrackers - Corsaire 3

€1.99 VAT included

Firecrackers  - Corsaire 3 for a special atmosphere. Whether on the occasion of a national day, the New Year or any other time of gathering and joy, the firecracker remains an essential element to celebrate. With the Corsaire 3 firecrackers there will be much more noise and atmosphere. Very easy ignition and guaranteed effect.

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Firecrackers - Corsaire 3, a huge sound effect

Firecracker remains one of the most popular festive accessories in the world. It seduces young and old alike. You will appreciate the performance of the N°3 firecracker from the Corsaire range: a high quality product at an adorable price, essential in our noisy fireworks section. With the Corsaire 3 firecrackers, the deflagrations will never go unnoticed! This external device is made of materials used by the best manufacturers. The powder charge is placed in a very strong paper cylinder.

The quantities of reactive products are well calculated to create a thunderous effect while respecting safety rules. This standard-compliant firecracker will produce very powerful sounds that will fascinate you and bring atmosphere to the party, without spending a small fortune! Lightweight and space-saving, the Corsaire 3 firecrackers pack will easily find its place in a bag or jacket pocket. Corsaire wick firecrackers are very easy to use and do not require any special precautions. Simply place the firecracker in any place and light the wick with a lighter or match.

Remember to move a few meters away to protect yourself, and let's go for a small dose of adrenaline mixed with jokes and laughter. Let the party begin! Don't forget that the Corsaire 3 firecracker is powerful and that it is a leisure product mainly intended for outdoor parties, have fun without wasting other people's good times. And to make even more noise, the Corsaire 4 firecracker is at your disposal on the best firecracker shopping site.


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Catégorie :
Matière active :
2 grammes
Paquet de :
4 pétards
Vente interdite :
- de 18 ans
12,6 cm
2,2 cm

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