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firecrackers - Corsaire Coup de Canon

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Firecrackers Corsaire Coup de Canon : a thunder of joy! The holidays are approaching and you are looking for ultra-powerful tricks? The Corsaire Coup de Canon firecracker is just what you need. With this top-of-the-range accessory, the party will be even more stimulating! Create more atmosphere with a product that is manufactured in accordance with safety standards and at a truly affordable price.

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firecrackers - Corsaire Coup de Canon, a really strong firecracker

You can't imagine a popular celebration without the external devices and their effects: explosions, jolts, jokes and funny situations! All this atmosphere is guaranteed with the Corsaire Coup de Canon outdoor firecrackers. These firecrackers are among the most powerful, a real cannon shot that will sound and leave no one indifferent. By their shape and sound effect, the devices look like real dynamite sticks, but they are much less explosive and pose no danger if you follow the safety rules.

By choosing these wick firecrackers you opt for a reliable product of high quality, manufactured and packaged in accordance with current European standards. All the elements are carefully chosen to guarantee optimal efficiency and safety, whether for the gunpowder charge or the container cylinder. Be careful, the pirates take out the guns to sink the enemy ship, and it will make a lot of noise.

No need to rub or use strings, the instructions are very simple: lighting the wick. The Corsaire Coup de Canon firecracker must be placed on the ground, of course leaving a safe distance for you and also for the public. The wick is long enough for you to light it and find time to move away. So you have fun while remaining well protected.

What are you waiting for now?! Order your Corsaire Coup de Canon firecrackers, prepare your lighters / matches and make lots of noise! Probably the loudest firecracker of all. For even more decibels, blow up a pack of machine gun firecracker the Tiger Z at the same time.

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