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Decree No. 2021-1704, promulgated on 17 December 2021, introduced new regulatory measures concerning the sale and use of fireworks in France. This blog post aims to inform fans of cheap fireworks and firecrackers about the implications of this decree for the purchase and use of their favorite products, such as Roman candles and the best firecrackers available on the market.

The Sales Register

According to the Order, all fireworks retailers are now required to keep a record of sales. This register should record detailed information about transactions, including the types of items sold and the identities of buyers. This measure aims to strengthen control over the distribution of fireworks and to prevent their inappropriate use.

Regulations for Individuals

Individuals who wish to set off fireworks on private property are not required to make a prior declaration to the town hall of the place where the shooting took place. However, it is recommended to notify the mayor and the rescue centre of the date of the firing for safety reasons, especially if the fireworks belong to categories F2 or F3.

Categorization of Fireworks

Fireworks are classified into different categories, ranging from F1 to F4, depending on their potential to be dangerous. F1 categories can be sold to minors over the age of 12, while higher categories are for adults only. The best fireworks displays are often ranked in higher categories because of their more impressive spectacle.

Responsible Use of Firecrackers

The use of firecrackers must be done in compliance with safety standards. Firecrackers must bear the "CE" marking and be accompanied by an explanatory leaflet. It is important to respect the safety distances when lighting firecrackers, in particular 8 meters for category F2 and 25 meters for category F3.

Buy Firecrackers Online

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Temporary Restrictions

It is important to note that temporary restrictions may be put in place by the government, such as prohibiting the sale to individuals of certain pyrotechnic items that may create a safety risk. These measures are usually taken around sensitive periods such as national holidays or in response to public order disturbances.


Decree No. 2021-1704 aims to secure the use of fireworks and firecrackers in France. It is essential for lovers of these products to keep up to date with current regulations to safely enjoy the best fireworks and firecrackers. As responsible consumers, it is our duty to respect these rules to guarantee everyone's safety and the sustainability of these festive traditions.

And finally, here is Order in Council 2021-1704

Control of the marketing of pyrotechnic articles for entertainment purposes

Dear customers,

In order to fight against the misappropriation and malicious use of fireworks, Decree No. 2021-1704 of December 17, 2021 on the control of the marketing of pyrotechnic articles intended for entertainment and its decree, have just been published in the Official Journal, thus specifying and supplementing Article 70 of the "Law 2021-646 of May 25, 2021 for a global security preserving freedoms".

These texts, which will enter into force immediately, set out the procedures for the application of the control of the marketing of pyrotechnic articles intended for entertainment.



In the first place, and in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 70:

"Art. L. 557-10-1 of the Environmental Code:

When a natural person acquires from an economic operator pyrotechnic articles intended for entertainment falling within the categories defined by order of the Minister of the Interior, the operator is required to register the transaction and the identity of the purchaser. The documents recording this registration shall be made available to authorized State officials. »

Thus, the economic operator is required to record any transaction relating to pyrotechnic articles ONLY OF CERTAIN CATEGORIES OF FIREWORKS AND CERTAIN TYPES OF FIREWORKS, listed in the table above:

  • Wick Firecracker - F3
  • Battery & Compact - F3
  • Battery Requiring External Support - F3
  • Wetsuit - F3
  • Combination Requiring External Support - F3
  • Aerial Firecracker - F2 / F3
  • Flash Composition Firecracker - F3
  • Rocket - F2 / F3
  • Roman Candle - F2 / F3
  • Single Shot Candle - F2 / F3



In the second point of Article 70 of the Global Security Law, it is stated:

"Art. L. 557-10-2 of the Environmental Code.

Natural or legal persons marketing pyrotechnic articles for entertainment may refuse to enter into any transaction for the acquisition of such articles if it is reasonable to consider that such a transaction is suspicious, in particular by reason of its nature or circumstances. 'Any suspicious transaction attempt shall be reported to a department designated by decision of the Minister of the Interior.'

Within the meaning of Article L. 557-10-2, a transaction is therefore considered suspicious when the person marketing pyrotechnic articles intended for entertainment observes that the customer:

  • 1. Refuses to specify the use it intends to make of the items that are the subject of the transaction;
  • 2. Wants the acquisition of items in unusual quantities;
  • 3. Solicits the acquisition of items that are unusual for the intended use;
  • 4. Refuses to prove identity;
  • 5. Insists on the use of certain methods of payment, in particular for large cash purchases.

The report of any suspicious transaction attempt must be made immediately after the transaction attempt, and no later than 72 hours from the attempt. Violators of this suspicious report but also of the lack of record keeping, will be punished with a 5th class fine. You will also find attached to this email a communication kit from the Ministry of the Interior which includes a flyer for the attention of the prefectures as well as a poster for shopkeepers. 



As a result, the www.petard-artifice.com site may be led, without justification, to ask its customers for proof of identity before your orders are shipped. A refusal to send this proof will in no case give rise to a refund of the order and will, in fact, lead to the report to the PIXAF (Plateau d'investigation sur les explosives et armes à feu)



See Decree 2021-1704 of December 17, 2021

See the decree of 17/12/2021 relating to pyrotechnic articles intended for entertainment

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