Pétards Bison 0

Bison Firecrackers 0

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The Bison 0 is a firecracker from the Le Tigre brand, a well-known brand in the world of pyrotechnics. The Bison Tiger 0 is a firecracker with a Flash composition. That is, fast-burning. Strong in explosives, the powder it contains makes it possible to obtain a detonation with a noise similar to a small explosion at each explosion.


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Bison 0 - The Tiger: A Firecracker for Joy-Filled Holidays

Relive the excitement of the holidays with Bison 0 - Le Tigre, the undisputed choice for those looking for cheap firecrackers and guaranteed fun. Like its famous predecessor, the Bison 1, the Bison 0 is a tried-and-true classic that has continued to appeal to firecracker and fireworks enthusiasts around the world since 1935.

These small firecrackers, both compact and powerful, offer a deafening noise and undeniable joy with every explosion. Their small size does not diminish their ability to liven up your evenings. With practical dimensions of 3.5 cm long and 0.5 cm in diameter, they are perfect for creating a festive atmosphere at all your celebrations.

The Bison 0 is specifically designed for adults looking for safe entertainment. Using a fast-burning flash powder, these firecrackers deliver an impressive blast, ideal for brightening up evenings and creating lasting memories. Their easy and secure use makes them a must-have addition to any festive event.

To vary the pyrotechnic pleasures, also discover the Le Tigre Unick firecracker, another star of our collection. With the Bison 0 and the Giga Demon, you're sure to have the best firecrackers for a colorful party.

  • Memorable Sound Experience: Perfect for a festive and dynamic atmosphere.
  • Small Size, Big Impact: A practical format for a surprising effect.
  • Safety & Compliance: Adherence to standards for safe use.
  • Affordable Price: Enjoy quality without breaking the bank.
  • Best for All Parties: A must-have addition to your firecracker collection.

So why wait? Now add some pep to your celebrations with the Bison 0 - The Tiger. Order today on petard-artifice.com and get ready to liven up your evenings with these pyrotechnic wonders. This is the perfect opportunity to create memorable and fun moments that will stay in the memories of all your guests. Let yourself be tempted by the unique experience that only Bison 0 can offer!

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1 to 2 grams
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8 pieces
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