Set of 3 Candles 30 Effects

Set of 3 Candles 30 Effects

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Brighten up your evenings with the 30 EFFECTS CANDLES : an uninterrupted sequence of twinkling stars. Ideal for amateurs and apprentice pyrotechnicians, they offer a regular and captivating pyrotechnic show. Duration of 30 seconds, 15m high. A must-have for all your festive events!

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Make the sky shine with the twinkling stars of our 30-effect Roman candles ! Historically loved for their ease of use and visually captivating spectacle, Roman candles are the perfect choice for any festive event. Each candle, once lit, regularly projects its 30 multicolored comets, creating an uninterrupted light sequence that will amaze all your guests.

Some undeniable advantages of our Roman candles:

  • Easy and secure implementation.
  • A regular fireworks show, providing predictability for your events.
  • An ideal product for amateurs and apprentice pyrotechnicians, combining safety and spectacle.
  • Great value for money for a guaranteed visual effect.

Its 12 mm caliber guarantees a show duration of about 30 seconds, reaching up to 15m in height. Add a dramatic touch to your celebrations with this Roman candle and let yourself be dazzled by its ballet of lights!

The Roman Candles 30 items are subject to the sales register, which means that you will be asked for an ID when ordering . In case of refusal, a credit note will be issued. Under no circumstances will a refund be issued.

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Data sheet

Active Ingredient
50 to 70 grams
Package of
3 rooms
Sales Register
12/13 mm