Lot de 3 Chandelles 20 effets

Set of 3 Candles 20 Effects

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Pack of 3 Roman Candles with 20 multicolored comet effects per piece. Light the fuse and send 20 bombettes into the sky for a 20-second show per candlelight.

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Roman Candles 20 Effects: Light Up Your Events

Turn your birthday, wedding, or any celebration into a spectacular event with our 20 Effect Roman Candles. Easy to use and professional-looking, they promise a magical and memorable moment, captivating young and old alike with their multicolored sparkles for 20 seconds.

These fireworks, with their recognized pyrotechnic quality, will enchant your evening, leaving your guests with an unforgettable memory. Use them alone or combine them with other lights for an even grander show. Cheap Roman candles are on firecrackers and fireworks.

The sky will be illuminated with a thousand stars. To be used alone or in addition to other fireworks cases for a spectacular effect, the Roman Candles 20 Effects will ensure an extraordinary visual and sound show that will amaze your guests.

  • Enchanting Visual Show: 20 seconds of colorful sparkles to amaze.
  • Ease of Use: A single wick for an immediate and impressive effect.
  • Versatility: Perfect on their own or as a complement to other fireworks.
  • Advantageous Pack: 3 Roman Candles 20 Effects to prolong the magic.
  • Pyrotechnic expertise: Our team will advise you on a tailor-made experience.

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Active Ingredient
from 16 to 20 grams
Package of
3 rooms
Sales Register
12/13 mm

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